5 Must have Xposed Modules for Customization

Do you love customization of your Android Device, but don’t want to lose the features of your stock ROM by installing the custom ROM? Then in this tutorial I am going to provide your some useful and must have modules of Xposed Frame Work.  If are not familiar with Xposed Frame Work then go through this post –


Let’s explore these modules one by one. These are not arranged in any order or preference. You can use these modules to get more from your Android Device.

Complete Action Plus:

This module is generally designed to work on JellyBean and Kitkat devices. You can perform various customizations with this module like:

-Show optional “always” checkbox at the bottom or keep your “once” & “always” buttons.

– Change layout to List or Grid, change number of columns per Portrait and Landscape.

– Change text size (even hide it).

– Change theme to Light or Dark or even set custom colors.

– Hide “never to choose” apps from list.

– Set your favorite apps to the top of list.

– Set long press action to “No action”, “App Information”, “Set as Default” or “Halo Window”.

and much more…













With SideControl you get full control over your phone. It provides features like gestures, sidebar, multitasking etc. all at one place. With this module, you can perform following activities

  • Lock your phone
  • Kill all running apps
  • Switch to recent app or open latest notification with a swipe.
  • Easily launch apps and add shortcuts to contacts
  • Tasker profiles
  • Bookmarks or similar
  • Create different sidebars with various categories
  • Launch sidebars with dedicated gestures.

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Xposed framework can be used with rooted devices only. But rooting your device creates an issue of using apps such as finance/banking, enterprise, or audio/video etc. With this module you can choose between the apps to show or hide root from them. It will completely or transparently hide almost all the signs of root from the app.


This allows you to run apps that detect root without disabling root. You select from a list of your installed apps (or add a custom entry), and using a variety of methods, it will completely hide root from that app. This includes hiding the su binary, superuser/supersu apks, processes run by root, and more.


Getting unwanted notifications is the most disturbing problem with the Android Devices. With this module you can configure which apps are allowed to show notifications. You can deny all notifications or only specific messages. With this module you can do the following this on your device:

  • No self-promotion in the app.
  • Per app: Hide icon in status bar (collapsed notification area)
  • Per app: Show notification expanded by default (API>15)
  • Per app: Order of notifications (move up/down in the list)
  • Per app: Move to bottom of the list and hide the icon in the status bar
  • Per app: Deny full screen notifications
  • Per app: No floating-in (ticker) text in status bar
  • Per app: Disable LED
  • Per app: Disable vibration
  • Per app: Disable sound
  • Per app: Set notification as removable (ongoing), but also removes “service bit”
  • Per app: Remove a notification if a newly created was denied (remove updated)
  • Per app: Regex pattern matching
  • Per app: Tasker support
  • Clear unblocked notifications for all apps
  • Show all apps, even without notifications yet

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Wanam Kit

Wanam kit is also a very useful module with lots of useful features:

  • Enable Numeric battery
  • Clock position (Right, Center, Left, Hide)
  • Change Color and Typeface of the Battery text
  • Disable Scrolling cache
  • Skip Music with Volume buttons
  • Disable screen turn ON while plunging or unplugging AC/USB cable
  • Disable loud volume sound warning
  • Advanced Power menu:

– Reboot

– Recovery



-Screen capture

-Screen recording (Busybox required)

  • Quick Dial number (+ Display number)
  • On/Off Data
  • Enable Data Roaming on home network only
  • Torch (Flashlight) Through Volume UP button
  • Long back kill App
  • CM Circle Battery
  • Hide/Set Color of Battery Text
  • Expand all notifications
  • Add and option to kill all app activities (requires granting Root access to System user)
  • Enable Heads up notifications (Optional ongoing notifications and display delay customization)
  • Disable Swipe gestures (keep double tap) for the devices that support it.
  • And much more to come

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