5 features to watch in Windows 10

Are you waiting for the next big release of Microsoft Windows? The Microsoft has decided to name its Windows 9 release to Windows 10. It is expected to be released in the mid of this year. In this tutorial I am going to reveal some of the features in Windows 10 that must be worth watching and using. Let’s explore some new and more attractive features going to be available in Windows 10.


The Start Menu

Windows 10 has returned the start menu back to its original position, lower left corner of the window. But rather than focusing on desktop apps alone, Windows 10 Start Menu uses Metro Start Screen’s functionality, tiles of Windows 8-style, immediately to the right of desktop app shortcuts. You can choose to disable the Metro Style completely or even re-size the set of tiles. You can also choose to open it in a full screen view. It means, the Start Menu is going to be provided with lots of customization.

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Desktop Metro Apps

You’ve noticed in Windows 8 that all the Metro Apps when launched covers whole of your desktop area. But in Windows 10 Metro App will be launched as any other Desktop App that can be resized or minimized. It has a toolbar at the top like in all other apps. But you can’t cut or paste data from a Metro App to any other App.

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Yes, Windows 10 is vastly improved on PCs, but Microsoft didn’t forget about touch screen users. As of Build 9926, Windows 10 includes a handy “Continuum” feature that dynamically switches the interface between the PC-friendly desktop and a Windows 8-like mode that’s better suited for fingers, depending on how you’re using the device.

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Action Center Notifications

Now, notifications are becoming one of the coolest feature of the modern operating systems, with pop-ups reminding you all sort of useful information and messages. Windows 10 also going to provide pop-up notifications using Action Center as repository.

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 Settings View

One of the odder design decisions within Windows 8 was the separation of Settings into two buckets, one each for the Desktop and Modern/Metro interfaces. With Windows 10, that goes away. Now, there is one Settings menu, available from the Start button. As a bonus, the somewhat annoying Charms menu has vanished.

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