Monthly Archive:: May 2014

LG announces Quick Circle case for LG G3

As LG is just a few days away from unveiling their next-gen smartphone the company has

How to Root and Unroot Android Devices

Rooting an Android phone is the best way to unlock your phone’s full features and utilize

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets

Microsoft just announced their next generation tablet the Surface Pro 3 and not only has it

Samsung planning on expanding biometric sensors on its mobile devices

Samsung is planning to expand their biometric system used in smartphones. It will not just include

Apple hires Nokia Lumia camera lead engineer

There are a lot of rumors on the internet about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and

Google announces new Chromebooks with latest Intel Processors

If you were planning to get your hands on a Chromebook then you should wait a

Top 5 retail fashion WordPress templates

We are happy to launch our new category at TechSultan : templates.  We will make top

What Are The New Inventions In Wearable Technology?

Previously items such as the camera-equipped glasses as well as clothes which could double up as

Everything You Need To Know About Android Silver

About: Android Silver is a new Android based program the rumors of which have begun to

How to show BCC and FROM in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook has always hidden some functionality in their email program.  Some of them aren’t that