10 Window Manager Options for OS X

Mac OS X is a great operating system but it doesn’t cover all requirements for all type of users.  If you are from Windows world and just came to Apple’s, well you will maybe need some Window Management Options for OS X alternatives.  In this post we cover 10 best options, some of them are free and some cost a small price, that help you to manage application & game window in Apple’s OS X.



Spectacle App

Move and resize your windows with ease.  This software is Open Source, so it’s free.  Offer customizable keyboard shortcuts, easy to use and offer an active community that can help you.


ShiftIt Application


ShiftIt is also a free window management app which allows you to manipulate window X & Y position in a quick way using specific keyboard shortcuts.  This version has been completely rewritten from original version of Aravindkumar Rajendiran.


Divvy Application


Divvy (window management at its finest) is a paid window management application but it worth the small $14 they ask you for.




BetterTouchTool is also a free Mac Window Management Tool and allow you to configure gestures with your magic mouse, macbook trackpad or external magic trackpad.  You can also configure keyboard shortcuts and combine all of this with their iOS companion app called BTT Remote.


SizeUp Application


SizeUp (the missing window manager) is a paid Window Management Tool for Mac OS X and cost about $13 which is also cheap.  SizeUp offer you to resize and position your windows using their menu bar icon or simple shortcuts (highly configurable).




BetterSnapTool is paid and will cost you just about €1.79 which is around $1.99 (very cheap).  With this tool, you can resize and manage window positions by either dragging them to one of the screen’s corners or top, left, right or left side of the screen.




Breeze is also a paid application, although they offer a free demo for your to try.  Their full version goes for $3.99.  Breeze Window Manager offer you to manage your windows using their menu for each window.  You can also save specific state of windows and restore them at a later time (which is an unique feature).


Amethyst Application


Amethyst (a tiling window manager for OS X) Window Manager is a very unique application and also free.  Top feature is they offer a private fragile APIs.  This app also offer basic features as keyboard shortcuts.




Zooom/2 (Saving you time, mouse clicks, and your sanity…) is maybe they most expensive ($19.95) one but it offer a lot of different features amongst : move and resize window with a flick of the mouse, align and snap windows to each other, training demo that allow you to learn the app within few minutes, bring windows to the front with simple gesture, 3 for 1 license (buy one and use it of 3 different machines).  They also provide free email support.


What’s your choice?  What do you think of a Window Management Tool ?  Personally I would go for a free one as my requirements aren’t that high.

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