10 hidden features in android developer options

Are you not able to see “developer options” feature in your android device ? You can do more with your android device if you have this option enabled in your device. You can speed up your device, customize animations, enhance rendering to play games even more smoothly and many more. In this tutorial we are going to reveal some features available in the Developer Options in android device.

A. Enabling Developer Option

Before start with, you need to have Developer Options enabled in your settings in your android device. To check that navigate into the settings and scroll down, the second last option is Developer Options. If you are able to access this option, you can skip this step. In case you are not able to access this option then just follow these steps and enable this option in your device.

  • Go to Settings > About, then tap repeatedly on Build Number until you see a message popping up You are now a developer!
  • Now head back to Settings and then you are able to see Developer options in your device.


After enabling developer option, you are able to access various hidden features of android in your device now. Here is the list of some advanced features you must know

  1. Create Backup Password

Before creating a backup of your android device using android tools, you need make your backup secure so that it cannot be accessed easily. To secure your backup, you can create a password for your backup in Developer Options. To enable this:

Go to Settings > Developer Options

Tap on Desktop Backup Password

Fill in the current password, then type and re-type the new password

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  1. Customize animation settings

Whenever a transition is made from one activity to another, you notice an animation between them. You can customize this animation by changing transition speed or disabling animation completely. The smallest the number, faster the animation will be.

Go to Settings > Developer Options

Scroll down to seek for Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator Duration Scale.

Adjust the value of scale for the animation you want, the larger is the number the slower is the animation.

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  1. Enable MSAA for OpenGL games

Do like to play games on your android device, then you need to force enable MSAA to obtain a higher quality rendering of your in game graphics. The feature is turned Off in some devices because it can drain your battery very quickly.

Go to Settings > Developer Options

Tap on the Force 4x MSAA to enable it

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  1. Display CPU usage

Do you want to track CPU usage of your device? To enable to display CPU usage, go through the following steps. Note that this feature will not be enabled all the time.

Go to Settings > Developer Options

Check Show CPU Usage to enable it

Now you can see the CPU usage on the right corner of your device.

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  1. Disable App Activities

Many app activities will remain in the cache even after you exited from the app. They do so to load faster. There are many apps that creates lots of activities and slow down the speed of your device. You can disable these activities as follows:

Go to Settings > Developer Options

Check Don’t Keep activities

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